Welcome to Xeboi, where our passion for crafting exquisite leather jacket bags and accessories merges with your unique style to create a timeless blend of elegance and functionality. Since our inception in 2019, Xeboi has stood as a symbol of dedication to delivering premium leather products that transcend trends and embrace enduring quality.

Step into the world of Xeboi by visiting us at xeboi.com, where you’ll encounter a diverse array of leather products meticulously designed to cater to both men’s and women’s needs. Our collection encompasses a variety of leather jacket bags that seamlessly integrate practicality with sophistication. These bags are more than just accessories; they are statements that complement every occasion, from daily commutes to special soirées.

Our unwavering belief in the power of detail has driven us to choose only the finest quality leather for our creations consistently. Leather represents luxury and a lasting investment in a piece that stands the test of time. Sourced from reputable suppliers and brought to life by skilled artisans, each Xeboi product showcases the result of a meticulous craftsmanship process that ensures excellence in every stitch.

Beyond our exquisite leather jacket bags, we take pride in offering a distinctive range of accessories tailored exclusively for jackets. We understand that personalization is critical, and our custom accessories, ranging from detachable hoods and collar extenders to tailored pockets and zippers, allow you to make your jacket unique.

At Xeboi, our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction takes center stage. We extend our commitment to quality beyond our products and weave it into the fabric of our customer service. We promise to provide an exceptional shopping experience, guaranteeing timely deliveries and addressing any queries or concerns with the utmost care.

Embrace the Xeboi community and embark on a journey to discover leather jacket bags and accessories that seamlessly blend timeless charm with pragmatic design. Visit xeboi.com today to explore our collection and find your perfect companion for your next escapade. Indulge in the luxury of meticulously crafted leather products that mirror our dedication and passion. Xeboi – the epitome where style finds its perfect functionality.

The Xeboi Maker’s Difference

Finest Raw Materials

It all starts with the raw materials and since we carry our life in our jackets, we don’t use anything but only the best possible materials. All our jackets are made with full grain natural leather, YKK Zippers, and polyester lining

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Our products are handmade, one at a time by one craftsman with precision and attention to detail, unlike the mass chain production. Not opting for chain production means higher cost but a better quality that you will notice in our stitching

Sizes that fit all

Inclusivity is a buzzword but we take it quite seriously. We truly know there is something electrifying about wearing a great leather jacket, we ensure no one misses out on this. All our jackets are offered in eight standard sizes from XS to 4XL

Discovery & Expression

As no two persons are alike, we believe in diversity and expression. Our customers can make 100% custom, bespoke jackets from scratch with the help of our design consultants. Thus, fostering diversity and enabling our customers to fully express themselves and be apart from the rest

Fair Pricing - Direct to You

With our direct-to-consumer approach, our products come at ¼ the price of what luxury brands would sell them for. We keep our prices lower by cutting out middlemen, storefront costs and inefficient marketing spent. Additionally, with just-in-time production

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